Thinking About Franchising
Your Business?

We know who you are -- a successful businessperson with a desire to grow your business using franchising as your method of expansion.  We know you have questions on how to start a franchise.  We know you wonder if franchising is right for your business and how it all works.  We have helped dozens of entrepreneurs like you get the facts they need to make an informed decision -- then we went to work crafting their franchise program and documents.  Let our skilled team of franchise contract lawyers help YOU enter this dynamic arena and help your business grow.  Call today to schedule a free consultation.


  • Trademark Applications
  • Business Entity Development
  • License Agreements
  • Single Unit Franchise Development Program
  • Franchise Disclosure Document
  • Franchise Agreements and Related Documents
  • Area Development and Master Franchise Programs
  • State Franchise Registration/Exemption Filings
  • Operations Manual Development and Review


  • Annual Disclosure Document Update
  • Trademark Renewals
  • Annual State Registration and Exemption Filings
  • Franchise Transfer Management
  • Trademark and Internet Dispute Resolution
  • State and Federal Law Compliance
  • Contract Review and Related Business Negotiations
  • Franchisor/Franchisee Relations
  • Franchise Dispute Resolution